IREP'2017 Focal Theme

The Power System of the Future: Global Dynamics arising from Distributed Actions

IREP'2017 Specific topics

  • Coordinated control of transmission and distribution
  • Dynamic modelling, assessment and control of uncertain power systems
  • Large-scale integration of inverter-based energy resources
  • Operation and control of AC/DC and HVDC systems 
  • Large-scale optimization with uncertainty
  • Protection systems for distributed resources
  • Electricity markets
  • Distributed multi-level state estimation and system observability
  • Risk, reliability and resilience
  • Data analytics for power systems
  • Stochastic modelling and control of renewable energy sources
  • Distributed versus centralized decision models
  • Storage technologies for large-scale renewable generation
  • Highly-responsive non-disruptive load control
  • Wide-area security assessment and control